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Mark Reinhart - April animated music video. Animation by Keaton Reinhart, 2021

Inquiry 1 - Barclays Center

Keaton Reinhart_Barclays Center Animation.gif

Barclays Center has always been a space of exception as thousands would arrive to watch whatever grand spectacle was going on that night; however, as the arena closed due to Covid, it has shifted from a place of spectacle to a place of active democracy. Protesters have used Barclays as a central meeting point to demand change after the recent murders of black people at the hands of the police. Barclay’s boundary shifted from an interior event to am exterior gathering space. Due to this tension between the boundaries and the current public discourse, Barclays is responding by opening its lobby as an early voting site for the upcoming election. The Barclays Center became an agonistic type area where the outcome created an interstitial space, where early voting will happen, between the interior spectacle and the exterior gathering space.

Inquiry 2 - Street As Stage

Keaton_Space of exception.gif

Inquiry 2 is a study of specific conditions that create exceptions within an everyday space. The everyday space I chose was a street, specifically Vanderbilt Avenue in Brooklyn, New York. I studied one block on this avenue during three specific periods of time where the interactions among pedestrians and vehicles changed drastically on the street causing the space to become exceptional. Before Covid-19, Vanderbilt Avenue was a wide-laned, vehicular street lined with shops. Once Covid-19 hit, shops closed and fewer people were out on the street. In the summer, with the pandemic still here, Vanderbilt became one of the avenues that closed for pedestrians to gather on the street while socially distancing. Vanderbilt Avenue, along with many other streets during the pandemic, became exceptional through the dramatic changes in how people interact.

South Bronx Gondola Design Proposal - Animated Video. Animation by Keaton Reinhart, Hui Liang, and Igor Bernardes

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