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Media House

SITE: Pittsburgh, PA

YEAR: Undergrad Sophomore - 2016, Semester 2

UNIVERSITY: Kent State University


Media House is designed to allow students of Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio to produce and perform their art. The idea of the student movement is what drives this project forward by connecting the art buildings throughout campus.

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The Media House is located on a parking lot in the center of Case Western Reserve University’s campus.  Case Western is located just outside of Cleveland near the art district and Cleveland Clinic's main campus. The Media House will situate itself into the existing urban fabric of the area by bringing a performance space to the art district and a media research center to Case Western University. The Media house acts 
as a cornerstone of the campus.

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Figure 1: Site of the design proposal at the center of Case Western's campus

diagrams 1_4.jpg
diagrams 5_8.jpg
site plan.jpg

Figure 2: Site plan

The reoccurring angle throughout the project points towards the other art buildings on CWRU’S campus to create a connection between them. Students who are walking through campus cut across at an angle to get to their classes. The media house responds to the existing student traffic and site by placing a structure that responds to the student movement and becomes part of this constant, angled motion.

IMG_4882_No background.png

Figure 3: Site and Media House models






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Floor Plans

The program includes the first-floor library and classrooms, the second-floor main gallery space and black box theater, the third-floor cafe, and the fourth-floor meeting rooms and staff offices.

ground floor.jpg

1st Floor

2nd floor.jpg

2nd Floor

3rd floor.jpg

3rd Floor

4th floor.jpg

4th Floor

section_elevation 2.jpg

Figure 4: Longitudinal Section

Figure 5: Northeast Facade

section_elevation 1.jpg

Figure 6: Traverse Section

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Figure 7: Southeast Facade

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