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Music Shack

Aggregate Housing

Musician's Co-Op

SITE: Cleveland, Ohio

YEAR: Undergrad Junior - 2016, Semester 1

UNIVERSITY: Kent State University


The Musician’s Co-Op fits in perfectly with the surrounding area and creates a local art district for Ohio City.

December 13th Photography Session-2306.jpg

Ohio City is an old neighborhood right outside of Cleveland, Ohio. It is a neighborhood with a lot of local businesses that support one another. The location of the site is right in between The Bop Stop, a local jazz club with music lessons for all ages, and the Transformer station, an art museum.

North Arrow.png

Figure 1: Ohio City site for design proposal

diagram 1.jpg
diagram 3.jpg
diagram 5.jpg
diagram 2.jpg
diagram 4.jpg
diagram 6.jpg
site pictures.jpg

Figure 2 (left to right): Bop stop, Musician's Co-op, Transformer Station. New Ohio City art district.

December 13th Photography Session-2309.jpg

Figure 3: Ohio City Art District

First Floor

North Arrow.png
level 1 plan.jpg

Second Floor

level 2 plan.jpg
section 1.jpg

Longitudinal Section

Traverse Section

section 2.jpg
December 13th Photography Session-2312.jpg
December 13th Photography Session-2315.jpg
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